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Justina's Wiki Page


A Journey through my Electracy project. Little did I know, it would change me. 


My best friend from Austin. I miss her more than anyone.                            



My Wide Emblem


click on image





Ulmer says that we are hit with things everyday but we filter out certain things. Sometimes we think that we filter something but later on, another thing may hit you and bring up this "pseodo-filtered" thing.


I drew a quick piece using pastels of certain objects that stood out to me in a room. It's impossible to digest all the info you're given, so you've got to pick and choose---but sometimes it's not your choice.


Some objects I made into abstracts.





Fun Exercises:

Term Extensions



Decision Scene

Memory Glimpse

Micro Scenes


Mapping Home

Vernacular Genres

Pidgin Signs


The Quest Schema

High Concept

Policy Research

Lyric Evaluation


Being Singular

Automatic Emblems


Default Moods

Corporate States of Mind


Career Discourse

Family Discourse

Entertainment Discourse

Community Discourse

LRO stuff:




Music Obsession



The Triad 






Songs of the Day:


Dreamlovers - Gill Mantera's Party Dream

When the Night Comes - Dan Auerbach (of the Black Keys)

Lights & Music - Cut Copy

Star Witness - Neko Case

Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac

Dissolved Girl - Massive Attack


I am living my dream. I am now living in Chicago (Wicker Park)....





    Miki, my American Eskimo puppy. 6 months old now.





Sales/Consultant for Bit Studios, a Full Interactive Agency, located in the Chicago West Loop. I also have a side gig with I Wish, Inc. as the Marketing Coordinator and PR/Event Promotions. I am passionate about Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.


















Wicker Park Festival




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